The Latest News on Corky - December 1997

28 Years Ago

In a couple of hours from now (it's 9pm, December 11th) it will be 28 years since 13 members of Corky's family swam through the narrow entrance of Pender Harbour, B.C. Six of them never made it out.

Calypso, a female, died in Marineland, France, December 1970. Patches, a female, died in Marineland, California, August 1971. No name, a male, died in Marineland, California, May 1972. Nepo, a male, died in Marine World, California, July 1980. Yaka, a female, died in Marine World, California, October 1997.

Corky is the only one still alive. She's still swimming endless circles around her tank at Sea World in San Diego. She's still pretty much ok, as far as anyone can tell.... hanging in there.

Meanwhile, in the ocean, Corky's mum, Stripe (A23) looks fine, as do the other members of her immediate family... brother Okisollo (A27); sister Ripple (A43) & her new baby, Midsummer; and brother Fife (A60). Our hope for their reunion continues, as strong as ever.

It's a stormy night here on Hanson Island... much like that bleak one then.

Tomorrow, I hope you'll spend some time thinking about Corky and the life she's had these long years past... and the new life she can have again. I don't know the key to getting her that new life, only that there must be one.

Paul Spong.


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