Corky Update - December 1999

30 Years a Captive

In just a few days from now, on December 11th, Corky will have been held captive for 30 years... 10,957 days spent swimming in circles around a concrete tank. On that day, people all around the world will be thinking of Corky, and her family in the ocean. Below is a message from some of Corky's supporters in Europe. We're passing it on to you, in hopes that you will in turn pass it on to as many others as possible. Let's send a message to Sea World and Anheuser Busch on December 11th that can't be ignored!

Message from the Corky Connection in Europe:

To make it short and simple: we are trying to convince the oceanarium "Sea World" in San Diego, CA, USA, and its owner Anheuser Busch, one of the world's leading beer breweries, to agree to a reintroduction program involving the captive Orca CORKY. Corky should be given the chance to be reintroduced into the wild under strict protocols which would guarantee her safety and well-being, to be able to rejoin her mum and siblings who are known to researchers and swim free in the waters of British Columbia, Canada.

You can help: send an email or, even better, a fax (or both!) to this addresses:

The message to put into your e-mail or fax can be as simple as "Free Corky"! If you send an e-mail, please DON'T put "Free Corky" as the subject, but choose some general topic like: "shows, research, orcas, show schedule, opening hours, membership, entrance fees, gift shop, ....", so that your email has to be opened!

Mr. August Busch III
CEO Anheuser Busch
1, Busch Place
St Louis, MO 63188, USA
Fax: +1 314 577 2900

Mr. Peter Jackson
"Marketing Director"
Anheuser Busch European trade Ltd
6, Devonshire Square,Cutlar Garden
London EC2 4LP, Great Britain
Fax: +44 171 623 0630

This is an ongoing campaign and your support is appreciated whenever you have one or two minutes available to get Corky a step further home !

Finally we would like you to pass this message on to as many people as possible - let Sea World and its owner Anheuser Busch know that people around the world are aware of Corky!

Let's keep the vision strong!

cheers & our best to you all,

Paul & Helena.


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