Corky Update - June 2001


Good news from Japan! Michael Reppy & Thursday's Child landed safely at the Japanese port of Misake on June 3rd, after an adventure-filled "single-handed" crossing of the Pacific Ocean. The trans-Pacific voyage took 35 days, one day longer than the record Michael was hoping to break. Though he did not achieve his record breaking goal, Michael did succeed in making the crossing intact on this third attempt. Previously, in 1997, Michael's trimarin Naia'a foundered practically within sight of Japan's coastline, and last year Thursday's Child's rudder was badly damaged the first day out from San Francisco. Understandably, Michael is vastly relieved to have made the crossing safely this time. His voyage, dedicated to the welfare of the oceans and their inhabitants, was aimed at spotlighting the shabby treatment marine mammals continue to get from humans... ocean pollution, commercial whaling under the guise of science, slaughter of small cetaceans, threats to dugong habitat, the US Navy's plans to bombard the world's oceans with "LFAS", and freedom for captive cetaceans... including Corky!

We are profoundly grateful to Michael for his efforts, which continue. Since landing in Japan he has spoken to media, met with officials of the Nagoya Aquarium (which still intends to put orcas into its tank), and told his story to sympathetic audiences. His plan is to leave Japan within the next few weeks and sail Thursday's Child back across the Pacific to Hanson Island and Alert Bay in a voyage dedicated to Corky's freedom. We look forward to seeing Michael here soon, and to the next phase of the campaign to win Corky's freedom. Stay tuned!

You can contact Michael at

Let's keep the vision strong!

cheers & our best to you all,

Paul & Helena.


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