Makah Whale Hunt

from Jamie Bray

Hello Friends,

What disgusts me so much about the whole native thing is their constantly going on about ceremony and culture. If they are so hell bent on going back to their roots, why the hell do they insist on: driving cars, using internal combustion engines, fibreglass, aluminum, roads, shopping centres, and all the other stuff that has improved their lives since the coming of the "White Man" If their culture is so important to them in this whale hunt, why are they not out in the woods carving canoes, weaving Cedar Bark clothing, offing a few seals for their 'traditional' floats for the hunt, weaving miles of Cedar Bark rope, preparing harpoons with clam shell points, being celibate for the required amount of time as their ancestors did, and going out to the kill in their canoes with no radios, lifejackets, flares and all the other stuff that is not traditional.

As I have stated on television before, I would have no problem if they wanted to do the hunt the 'Traditional' way. As I see it, the first year all the macho young bucks would try, and after losing a few lives, and having great difficulty harpooning and keeping the whales, by the next year, they would have no volunteers for the job!

Thanks for allowing me to vent some steam.

Jamie Bray

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