Stirring up a Hornet's Nest

from Robert Waddell

I can't believe that they would really want to slaughter the gray whale species. Possibly they are practicing in the bay with large guns to stir up a hornets nest. Hoping that some kind of subsidizing program would make up for their loss of income if their not allowed to hunt the whale, which I'm sure they would prefer.

Hopefully no one would allow the slaughter of the gray whale. The fact that it has gotten this far is highly questionable. How far out of context can the law get, The coho salmon is on the endangered list. No fishing allowed. The sportsfishing for halibut has been reduced approximately to seven to nine days per year beyond thirty fathoms, which almost all of them are.

The charter industry has supplemented their income greatly by whale watching. The whales are friendly and we have several of them named. Scar Back, one of the whales that were saved in Alaska years back, she's had a calf since, Black Mollie, Spot, and Whistler. All these whales are just a few of the friendly whales that the charter community out of Newport, Oregon have come to know. Unfortunately they will most surely be some of the first to go. We would greatly miss them. They truly all have their own different personalities, just as we do.

Like I said above. I can't believe that they would really want to slaughter any of the gray whale species. Any one out on a whale watching trip would have to feel the same. Especially after having a whale watch trip, when some of the friendly whales are around. Which, because they are so friendly often come right up to the boats, would be wiped out.

Allowing the hunting of the gray whales would be a sin.

Robert Waddell
Concerned Charter Boat Operator

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