Date: Wed, 17 Mar, 1999

Marine Resources Committee opposes the upcoming Makah Whale Hunt


The Washington Citizens’s Coastal Alliance (WCCA) appeared before the Marine Resources Committee of San Juan County, Washington, on March 17, 1999, at the San Juan County courthouse in Friday Harbor.

The WCCA asked the Marine Resources Committee to adopt a resolution opposing the upcoming Makah whale hunt, as well as to support protective efforts on behalf of gray whales in the waters of Washington state.

WCCA representatives pointed out to the Committee that the Makah hunt has not been approved by the International Whaling Commission, the possibility of whales being shot in local waters would have an adverse effect on the local tourist-based economy, and stated that if the Makah are allowed the opportunity to hunt whales in Washington, the very real possibility exists that widespread whaling throughtout the world may resume.

The Committee decided to take action, and voted unanimously (8-0) to adopt a resolution opposing the Makah hunt. The matter will now be presented to the Board of County Commissioners of San Juan County at a meeting March 23, 1999 at 10:00 am for final approval by the County Commissioners.

All local residents (and others) are encouraged to attend the March 23 meeting to express their support of this resolution. For more information, contact Dan Spomer at

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