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Dear Minister,

A visitor to your country has been arrested and placed in your prison. At the insistance of Norwegian authorities you have imprisoned him without any warrents from your government. By acting on Norway's Intepol warrent your country will be unintentionally involving itself in the elections of Norway and the politics of illegal whaling. This is an election year in Norway, and this arrest will be the floundering prime minister's ticket to election.

Paul Watson has spent much of his life protecting nature, marine life and all animals. As a co-founder of Greenpeace, has has actively opposed Norway's illegal return to commercial whaling operations. All of his work has been to ensure that international laws are obeyed and endangered species are protected for the future. Ever since Norway began openly violating the global moratorium on whaling imposed in 1986 by the International Whaling Commission Paul has been the target of pro-whaling factions and has been receiving specific death threats from Norwegians for years.

Your government should not hold a man for political issues who is respected by so many people around the world for his many years of leading conservation work. Norway is a pro-whaling country acting illegally and The Netherlands is being manipulated by the Norwegian agenda to further the goals of Norway's illegal commercial whaling industry.

At a preliminary hearing on Thursday in The District of Haarlem Court, Judge Toeter ordered Paul Watson held for 20 days to allow Norway to make a formal request for extradition. Please do not let Paul Watson be extradited to a country who has threatened his life, and has refused to guarantee his safety there. If he is imprisoned in Norway, he may never leave there alive.

Yours Sincerely,

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