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While visiting Furry.org you might like to take some of these informative maps with you.

As of November 1998 I have started updating the Furry Maps. I will be carrying on from the excellent start made by Tom Turrittin in 1994 and additional maps made by Leonie in 1994. It will be a long process and will probably never be finished. The reason? PURGES. Every now and then the FurryMUCK wizzes purge the system of idle characters.

When this occurs any character not logged in for 3 months is deleted from the system. The purge deletes, not only, the character but all his rooms and possessions.

So as you see, the maps will constantly change as furs' come and go.

In the first revision (since 1995) I have made some changes to the map format in an effort to make things easier for mappers and travellers alike.



Place Index

Central FurryMuck (All connected areas) Download:

Unconnected areas (Reached by Taxi) Download:

{ Maps 1 to 9 version 1.00 updated November 1998 }
{ Map 10 version 1.00 added January 1999 }
{ Map 11 version 1.00 added November 1999 }
{ Map 12 version 1.00 added February 2002 }
{ Map 13 version 1.00 added August 2004 }

Note to mappers/builders:

I maintain a master copy of each map in Photoshop format with the grid in a separate layer. Email me for these but remember they are quite large files as they are uncompressed.

Fur's, are you working on a new home?... or even renervations? Or maybe you're just not on a map? Let me know where you live and I'll get you surveyed and listed. It's FREE. Email me here, now or page quill in Furry.

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