FurryMUCK? What's that!

Furry is the largest and longest standing MUCK on the Internet to date (note MUCK, not overall MU*). With a database well over the 100,000 item mark, and a regular nightly showing of 150+ players, it's an active social environment. The theme is generally centered around the roleplay of Anthropomorphics (the giving of humanlike qualities to non-human animals, 'Funny Animals', etc.), and therefore fits well within Furry Fandom; however, all who play with respect are welcome.

Guest accounts are available at all times.


For general assistance (command questions, linking problems, etc) almost any wizard connected can help you. However, if you need detailed information, or have suggestions/problems/questions that pertain specifically to one of the areas listed above, please talk to the wizard responsible for that function.

Major building *must* be okayed by Tugrik (for dbase control). Major building is considered to be 20 rooms or more, 100 objects or more, or both.

Any problems with connections, lag times, etc should be reported to S'a'alis. (But kindly do NOT spam him about network problems outside the control of the Furry site.)

The current wizards are:

Centaur: Janitor (recycling)
Mishael: Asst. Janitor wizard/ MUF Asst.
Drew: Secretary
Lynx: Server Problems and Restarts
Riss: MUF Wizard/ Asst. Character Create/ Zombies
Shaterri: Player Relations
Tugrik: Builder Wizard/ Quota
S'a'alis: Char. Create/ Site Adminstration (Site/Network questions only)
Nightwind: MUF/MPI Asst./ Helpstaff
Slipstream: MUF/MPI Asst./ Globals Maintenance
O'nara: Assistant to S'a'alis (Site/Network questions only)
K'has: Player Relations
Revar: Official Server Coder NON-wizard


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