Introduction - I'm not kid'in'ya

Quill is an echidna and belongs to a group of mammals, the typical one of the family Tachyglossidea, which includes the genera Tachyglossus and Zaglossus. Species of the former are found in Australia, and the latter are native of New Guinea. The pelt contains sharp spines. He is a burrowing animal, from 38cm to 46cm (15 to 18 inches) long, and feed on ants and termites. A gigantic echidna occurs in the post-Tertiary deposits of Australia.


Quill can be found in only one place, FurryMUCK. His ship "MV Whales Forever" is moored at the southern end of Shiner Street Wharf. [See map] Visit the Wharf and his ship any time it is moored. He often goes to sea whale watching and doing marine surveys so if he's not there imagine him on the high seas viewing gigantic whales leaping out of the water in playful games. If you are aboard when the ship leaves you too can experience these wonderful creatures. You might even enjoy cruising around FurryMUCK visiting exotic places some of which can be very obscure.

More and more often these days you may come across Quill scampering around your part of town. He has begun doing terrestrial surveys of FurryMUCK and compiling maps of the furs' habitat. It's an endless job but very rewarding. He has come across many new districts and the homes of numerous furs. He has also found many demolished sites and is busilly updating all the official furry maps. All of his new maps can be found within these pages.

The original concept for quill's portrait from artist Fuzzy Fox (David DeSimone).

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