KIDS CARE - Junior Activist Ideas

  1. Join a group (conservation or community)
    • Become an active member
      • Participate in campaigns
      • Write letters
    • Go to social days
      • Volunteer to run something
      • Help out
  2. Monitor your Government's maritime activities
    • Read newspapers, radio, TV etc.
    • Protest about the bad things (if any)
  3. Get involved in research (Volunteer)
    • Contact Marine research organisations
    • Contact universities
    • Contact museums
    • Fisheries Dept.
  4. Get involved in whale watching
    • Become a guide/helper/etc.
    • Go whale watching
  5. Join a Stranding Network
  6. Start your own Group
    • At school
    • Contact your local council (they might help)
      • Something might be happening already
    • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) funding may be available
    • Read your local paper's Letters to the Editor
    • Write to the Editor
  7. Start your own web page
    • I did!
  8. Help me with mine
    • I need a helpers to send local news stories
    • Other help
These are just a few ideas - use your imagination

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