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We wish to thank and acknowledge these kind people for their generous donations to our Kids Care Incentive. Many of you have promised to give us a donation so now is the time to do just that. Small sums of money are always hard to distribute so here is what you can do.

All we wish for is a little of your spare cash. Why not fold within a piece of non-see-though paper or card a $1 or $5 (or greater) dollar note. Place the folded paper with cash inside an envelope, seal and post to:

Whales in Danger
Kids Care Incentive
P.O. Box 224
Willoughby 2068

All donations and contest winners will be published on this page so keep watching for your name to appear. So kid's now it is worth completing that picture. Good luck and thank you all.

Graham ClarkeSydney - AustraliaUS$5
Timmins FamilySydney - AustraliaUS$20
Boulter FamilySydney - AustraliaUS$10
Timothy LencsakHelmetta - United StatesUS$2
LeRoy Elementary SchoolLeRoy - United StatesUS$10
Clinton Avenue Elementary SchoolNew York - United StatesUS$30
Your name here???? - CanadaUS$?
Your name here???? - NorwayUS$?
Your name here???? - JapanUS$?
Competition PrizesWhale Pin to Chris Cockrell, Jr.US$25

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