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Dolphin Intelligence and the Captivity Issue

A series of papers written by Kenneth W. LeVasseur on dolphin intelligence and the captivity issue.

Kenneth W. LeVasseur email: [Cetaman@aol.com]

Scientific Challenges to Current Husbandry and
Management Practices at Dolphin Holding Facilities

  1. Introduction & Part 1
    • Data, Mortality and the Quality of Life of Dolphins in Captivity
    • Mortality Rates vs. Survivorship
    • Example of Propaganda Parading as Science
  2. Part 2
    • The Captive Cetacean's Condition
    • A Change in Training Techniques
    • Fertility and Reproduction
    • Implications
  3. Conclusions & Bibliography

Dolphin Mental Abilities

  1. Introduction
  2. The Experiments with PUKA and MAUI
    • Related Research
    • Conclusions
  3. The Experiments with DORIS and BUZZ
  4. The Experiments with MALIA and HOU
    • Related Research
    • Recent Language Research with Dolphins
    • Cognitive Ethology
  5. Conclusions & Bibliography

A Third Phase Alternative to Dolphin Captivity

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1
    • Management Change
    • Language Training
    • The Pepperberg Technique for Model/Rival Training
    • Ethical Consideration
  3. Part 2
    • Disease Control
    • Developing an Existing Facility
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Bibliography

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