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  • Whalemen Adventurers

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    Whalemen Adventurers

    by William John Dakin D.Sc., F.Z.S.

    Whalemen Adventurers is a history of whaling in the South Seas, Australia and New Zealand from 1789 to the 1930's. With later developments summarised in the Forward.

    Ranging from the days of sail to modern international efforts for the control of whaling, Professor Dakin draws on whalers' log-books and other sources to give vivid pictures of the excitement of the chase or - to select one dramatic incident - how it feels to be on a sailing-ship when the pots of boiling whale oil catch fire.

  • Humpback Heaven

    Humpback Heaven

    by Cindy Dionne, U.S.A.

    We started from Province Town and headed for Stellwagen Bank, right smack in the middle of Cape Cod & Cape Ann. The ride was great as was the weather. On the way out we were told a bit about the whales and what to expect. We never expected the show that we were greeted with. These are some of the first shots I took that day.

  • Sperm Whale Rescue

    Sperm Whale Rescue

    by Alberto Romeo, Italy

    To promote the defense of marine mammals we are glad to offer "Whales in Danger" this story and the underwater photographs taken by us while saving a Sperm Whale in the Mediterranean Sea. The whale was trapped in a Professional Marlin Fishers net. - Alberto Romeo.

  • Risso's Dolphin Rescue

    Risso's Dolphin Rescue

    by Gavin Gerrard, Ireland

    The following is an account of a dolphin stranding videotaped on Monday 14th June, 1999. No-one knows why this mammal might have come up river so far or whether the rescue response could have been improved. - Gavin Garrard.

  • Dolphin Mental Abilities & The Captivity Issue

    Dolphin Mental Abilities

    by Kenneth W. LeVasseur

    Keeping animals with the unique mental abilities and ecological needs of dolphins captive has lead to high mortalities, poor reproductive parameters and aberrant behavior. The efforts of dolphin and animal protection groups to get to the root of these problems has caused the captive dolphin industry to engage in propaganda.

  • Aspects of Interaction between Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins and Humans

    Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins

    by Peter & Del Garbett

    Some Aspects of Interaction between Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins (Sousa Chinensis) and Humans at Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia. Here we report the interaction between dolphins and humans at a small town on the east coast of Australia. Anecdotal evidence suggests the interaction may have commenced as early as circa 1974.

  • Whale Vertebrae Fossil

    Whale Vertebrae Fossil

    discovered by Timothy Huang, Taipei, Taiwan

    I recently dug out a whale vertebrae fossil, from a late Miocene formation. The diameter of the vertebrae is 25 cm in one direction, and 20 cm in the other axis. From one end of the rib to the end of the other rib is 81 cm (including the central vertebrae), and the spinal bone is 29 cm. I am wondering what kind of whale could this be?

    This find is likely to be the oldest mammal ever found in Taiwan, and is the number 4 whale fossil ever found here. The other three were from the formation of about 2 million years.

  • Visiting the Black Sea Dolphins with Solveig VII

    Black Sea Dolphins

    by Rollo Gebhard, Germany

    We prepared a kind of scientific expedition to the Black Sea and the Crimean Peninsula to study the overall situation of the dolphins and other marine animals in the Black Sea and assist the BREMA Institute in Simferopol in their research.

  • East Pacific Gray Whale Population May Never Have Reached Published Estimates

    East Pacific Gray Whale Estimates

    by Graham J. Clarke, Australia

    I have re-evaluated the count data collected during the East Pacific Gray whale population counts of 1967-1968 to 1968-1970 at Yankee Point and Point Loma, California in an effort to explain the difference in count numbers between the two sites and re-assess the total Pacific East Coast Gray whale population size for this period.


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