Whalemen Adventurers

by W. J. Dakin



Painting by William Duke (1814-53)
Offshore whaling with the 'Aladdin' and 'Jane' 1849 by William Duke (1814-53)
(Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery)
I must go down to the sea again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull's way and the whale's way where the wind's like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's over.


Whalemen Adventurers Forward Forward
Whalemen Adventurers Preface 2 Preface to the Second Edition
Whalemen Adventurers Preface Preface
Whalemen Adventurers Introduction Introduction

Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 1 Chapter 1. The Old-Time Whalers reach the Pacific and the First Australian Settlement is Founded
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 2 Chapter 2. The Early Days of South Sea Whaling
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 3 Chapter 3. Ancient Whaling Re-invented. The Rise of Australasian Bay Whaling
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 4 Chapter 4. Australasian Bay Whaling (continued)
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 5 Chapter 5. The Whalemen of 1810-1860 and their Adventures in the Pacific and in the Australian Bight
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 6 Chapter 6. Deep-sea Whaling and Australia in the "Romantic" Days of Mosman and Ben Boyd
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 7 Chapter 7. The High-water Mark and the Decline of Whaling
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 8 Chapter 8. Whaling Extraordinary at Twofold Bay, which might almost be called a "Museum Piece" of Ancient Whaling in Modern Times
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 9 Chapter 9. The Intermezzo - A Unique Use for a Whaler
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 10 Chapter 10. Modern Whaling Commences with Guns and Steam, but the Yankees and the British Lose it to the Norwegians
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 11 Chapter 11. Captain Larsen makes Modern Whaling a Success in the Southern hemisphere
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 12 Chapter 12. Norwegians in Australian Waters between 1911 and the Great War
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 13 Chapter 13. More about the Norwegians and Western Australia 1913-15
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 14 Chapter 14. The Latest Phase in Whaling
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 15 Chapter 15. For the Protection of the Whale
Whalemen Adventurers Chapter 16 Chapter 16. The Scientist and the Whale. The Age of a Whale and its Domestic Habits. Regulation and Extinction
Whalemen Adventurers Appendix 1 Appendix I. A Whaling Poem
Whalemen Adventurers Appendix 2 Appendix II. Some Comparisons and values
Whalemen Adventurers Appendix 3 Appendix III. Norwegian Government Regulations of 1929
Whalemen Adventurers Appendix 4 Appendix IV. Table 1. Sydney Customs Returns, 1826-1875
Table 2. Expenses and Profits of Whaling
Whalemen Adventurers Appendix 5 Appendix V. The Preliminary Draft Convention of the League of Nations for the Regulation of Whaling. Geneva, 1930
Whalemen Adventurers Bibliography Bibliography.

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