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  1. South Pacific Yacht Charter
  2. Whale Watching Cork Ireland Dolphin & Whale watching boat trips off West Cork Ireland, dramatic coastal views, marine birdwatching tours.
  3. CapeTown Whales Whale watching at its best at the southern tip of africa.
  4. Sea kayaking with killer whales Sea kayak tours with killer whales in Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
  5. "Shearwater" The Luxury Charter Cruiser "Shearwater" is a luxury charter cruiser, based in Pwllheli, North Wales. We provide scenic coastal crujises of the beautiful Lleyn Peninsula and close encounters with seals, seabirds, dolphins and porpoises in an unobtrusive and environmentally sensitive way without disturbance.
  6. Oceans Africa Learn more about whales and dolphins and other marine life of the southern africa coast
  7. Dr, Labush's links to Learning Over 2400 organized links, including many animals and science links.
  8. Marine Mammals Information about marine mammals and links to marine mammal sites. Some dolphin and whale pictures, and information on cetacean intelligence.
  9. Whale Videos! Visit our site to watch video clips of different species of whales engaged in exciting behaviors!
  10. Crystal Seas Kayaking Sea kayak tours in the San Juan Islands, Everglades and Costa Rica. Witness whales, eagles, dolphins and more!
  11. Whale watching from the cliffs in Hermanus and boat-based whale watching in Walker Bay. A limited number of permits have been issued for legal boat-based whale watching at Hermanus, Gansbaai and Kleinbaai.The industry is carefully regulated and experienced operators are allocated discrete areas. Groups of passengers are taken out to the whales in a ski-boat for 1-2 hours keeping 50 meters away but avoiding cow-and-calf pairs.
  12. Hermanus - The world's best land based whale watching spot. Hermanus has grown from a old fisherman's village to being acknowledged by the World Wildlife Foundation as one of the best places in the world to view whales. From its rocky cliffs, whales can be seen from as close as 10 meters away.
  13. The Cetacean Nation Dr. John lilly's vision taken into the 21st Century, recognizing the sentient race and it's ramifications upon human consciousness.
  14. Kayak with Orcas Sea kayaking tours including kayaking with Orcas.
  15. Kayaking with Killer whales For a great sea kayaking Orca adventure call Out For Adventure. Professional, naturalist guides. 3,4 and 5 day tours into British Columbia's Johnstone Strait on our Orca Adventure. Other tours available. See our website www.outforadventure.com
  16. Whale watching in Vancouver 1/2 day Orca whale watching excursion in the Georgia Sraight from Vancouver in covered high-speed Zodiacs. Includes hotel pick-up and on board lunch.
  17. Whale watching in Hawaii Discount Hawaii vacation hotels, condos, cruises and travel packages
  18. Prince of Whales A fantasy adventure. Can the songs of a young whale save the world? Will the power of those songs be strong enough to break the power of technology, will the humans yield to the music and become attuned to the Nature's song?
  19. Sail with whales, dive with dolphins, Hawaii In the company of whales, husband and wife biologist team offer intimate sailing torus to view the magnificent humpback whale in its only United States breeding grounds.
  20. Whale Watching in Twofold Bay, Eden Whale watching photos including photos of Humpbacks, Southern Right Whales and Orcas (killer whales).
  21. Why the Whales Came Theatre Alibi and Theatre Royal Plymouth create a show for 8-13 year-olds based on Michael Morpurgo's bestseller.
  22. COUNTRY REFLECTIONS British wildlife news and views, covering coastal waters as well as land issues.
  23. Journey to Love with the Humpback Whales
  24. Lofoten links Page The archipelage of Lofoten and Vesteralen in artic Norway - links - Pictures - Art - Maps - Travel - Genealogy.
  25. Ariela Skazlic:Art gallery Croatian profesional painter Ariela Skazlic exhibits her nice paintings.Abstract,realistic,surreal.
  26. Lofoten Art on the Internet Paintings with motive from the exotic Lofoten Islands in artic Norway.
  27. Right whales in Patagonia A tourists destiny in Argentina , photos and related information about these cetaceans that arrive to the Valdes Peninsula , from Antarctica every year.
  28. Whale Watching holiday accomodation at the southern tip of Africa 6 sleeper apartment with 180 degree views of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans ( they meet here in Agulhas , South Africa ) where the Southern Right whales come each season ( July to November ) to calve.
  29. Newfoundland Whales Whales, dolphins and porpoises in the waters of Newfoundland's South Coast Wilderness.
  30. Tofino Whale Watching Whale Watching in Clayoquot Sound from Tofino, B.C., Canada. Also Bear Watching and Hot Springs Tours
  31. Jamie's Whaling Staion, Tofino, B.C. Whale Watching, Bear Watching and Hot Spring Tours, sighting Gray Whales, Humpbacks and Orca, Feb 15 through October.
  32. Browseabit Open Directory
  33. Orcagirls Orcas An informative page about orcas, or killer whales.
  34. Volunteer Marine Rescue Victoria Point A volunteer rescue organisation based in Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Queensland Australia, dedicated to preserving life and promoting safety at sea. We also monitor the safe passage of marine mammals and Whales passing through our region on their annual migrations. We are also fortunate to be visited frequently by pods of Dolphins.
  35. whaleart Affordable whale sculptures from the northwest.
  36. Why Big Blue is the Biggest A story for kids and adults about the why the Blue Whale is the biggest animal ever to live on Earth. Antarctica, krill, and global ocean systems are part of the story.
  37. Whales and Dolphins Screensaver The Whales and Dolphins Screensaver shows still images of these lovely marine mammals. See Humpback Whales, Pantropical Spotted Dolphins, Orcas, and several other species.
  38. Whales 2000 Learn more about whales in an easy and simple way. Just click on the area and take a look at my NEW Whales 2000 website.
  39. Detecting cetacean sonar a self-contained click logger for porpoises, belugas . . .
  40. Espaco Talassa The original Azorean whale watching base.
  41. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Meeting Place The Galley is created and designed by Donna lioy, a supporting Sea Shepherd Member. This website is dedicated to the selfless people who dedicate their time and efforts to saving our oceans. Any information on the site reflects our own opinions and not the position of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
  42. La Baleine libre Association belge d'étude et de protection des Mammifères et du milieu marins.
  43. Albany Western Australia A great place to see whales and dolphins.
  44. listen to LFAS Viewpoints LFAS (Low Frequency Active Sonar) is a potential threat to marine life. The tests performed by the US Navy in Phase III of their testing involved targeting humpback whales off the coast of Hawaii. Phases I & II are being reviewed by the California Coastal Commission. It is anticipated that the USN will produce the first GLOBAL EIS (Environmentatl Impact Statement) as this noise being blasted into the oceans is expected to be heard around the world. Discover why LFAS & ATOC must be stopped.
  45. Adventures Pacific Tofino, BC. An educational, fun and fascinating whale watching company operating in Clayoquot Sound. Call 1-888-486-3466.
  46. Whales And Dolphins - JRC TOURIST INFORMATION RESOURCES Whales and Dolphins resources and tourist information - Albany, Western Australia
  47. Whales of Australia General overview, whale information, whale watching, conservation etc.
  48. Orca Enterprises Juneau Alaska's professional whale watching tours, Marine Education and Research.
  49. The John C. lilly Homepage - Cetacean Nation The Cetacean Nation
  50. Vancouver Island Abound Whale Watching Pages Plan your unforgettable Whale-watching adventure with Vancouver Island Abound. You'll find the best whale watching charters, accommodations, restaurants, etc. in this informative magazine.
  51. whales plus Art of whales work at the metropolitan.
  52. World Wildlife Fund Best place for information about any animal!
  53. Pacific Whale Foundation Best Whale Foundation on the Pacific!
  54. Zodiac Adventures Oregon's best whale-watching is from a zodiac boat!
  55. San Juan Safaris Inc, Friday Harbor Whale watching out of Roche Harbor on San Juan Island, Washington State. This is a professional whale watching and marine activity center run by a wildlife specialist, a great educational trip with much knowledge to be shared.
  56. Original Stagnaro Fishing Trips/ Bay cruises
  57. The San Juan Guide A general guide to whale watching companies (amongst other activities), giving one a choice, plus a description of good and services which include lodging details, should you decide to visit these islands for the purposes of whale watching. Note that even the Canadian whale watch operators come from Victoria to see our pods...San Juan Island is only six miles across the water.
  58. Escape Seakayaking New Zealand Sea kayaking & Sailing trips along N.Z's North eastern coast with a team of guides who are passionate about marine mammals and learning more about them.
  59. The Solar Eclipse We are facilitating the Global Whale Meditation this fall equinox ('98). We offer training, products, and services for personal growth including trips to swim with wild dolphins.
  60. Art, working with children, animals & the environment. Web page development
  61. EnviroWatch Inc
  62. Discover The World
  63. The Log of the Picton Castle Follow the deep-ocean voyaging and training ship, Picton Castle, during her circumnavigation of the globe.
  64. Ulisses Homepage You have the chance to find out what my activities are like. My work is dedicated to all Humans and Dolphins who believe in a non-violent global society of feeling creatures.
  65. Internet Marine Mammal Resource liNKS maintained by Wesley Elsberry Internet Marine Mammal Resource liNKS maintained by Wesley Elsberry.

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